The Beginning

Established officially in 1999, Research and development in Parties Favors, Balloons, and Entertainment products ,founded by Mr ZD Lim, sole proprietorship. The company was incorporated under the name of  TASENG MARKETING on 27th January 1999.

By growing in Research  and development of our product, the company later converted to  TASENG MARKETING SDN BHD on 31 December 2012 as a public company limited by share under the Act. Company are relocate to factory at Batu Caves as a part of our business expansion exercise and plans. Company has owned lorry transportation. The company continues to lead the way as the market leader in all Parties Favors, Balloons and Entertainment products industry, path of achieving total customer satisfaction.

Today, Taseng Marketing Sdn Bhd is leading manufacturing,wholesaler and importer in Malaysia. More than 900 retail partners nationwide TODAY. With over 1000 different products to choose and select from. Welcome to our own Taseng Retail Shop at Batu Caves .

Our Quality system, assurance departments and production processes, to ensure all product in good condition. We serve the highest standards in quality and design to our client.
Our quality management of internal staff – ie product design, manufacturing, ordering, delivery and after sales-service department thought Team Work to fulfill all customer satisfaction. To us, TEAM mean “Together Everybody Achieve More “. We support one another on our way to success.

Career Opportunities
Our Mission,                                                                                                                          
Future marketing, Creating an independent service to everyone.                                                     
Expand Global e-commerce at everywhere at anytime.                              

Taseng Marketing is leading manufacturing and wholesaler & importer of party product, balloon, entertainment products. We are confident that we can offer a range of opportunity to meet your individual needs and goals.

We look forward with you as our Business partner or our job opportunity to support each other and your professional growth. >>>Career

Our Vision,                                                                                                                                                 
To let customer left a Sweet & Happiness Memory.
Looking Back,
In this world, everyone is unique, everyone have his own Special Day- ie: Celebration of Full Moon , Graduation Day, Birthday Party ,Mother’s Day , Father’s Day etc.

How long have you not seriously spend your time with your lovely family members?      

Do you have Dream?

Creating a memory with  your beloved family?

Having fun with your children at different level of age?

Any background or material support to keep your memory by taking photo or recording video?

Dare To Dream.
Your Special Day Together With Your Special People.
We are ready to serve you.


9 Club - Gold

9 Club - Black

COBRA Rugby Club 50th - Gold

COBRA Rugby Club 50th - Black

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COBRA Rugby Club - Gold

COBRA Rugby Club - Black

CT Hardware - Yellow

CT Hardware - Green

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CT Hardware - Fushia

CT Hardware - Blue

KLK Land - Grey

Lotte Chemical Titan - Red

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Lotte Chemical Titan - Grey

Lotte Chemical Titan - Green

Lotte - White

Milenia - Light Green

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MyZoo - Yellow

MyZoo - Orange

Taiwan Excellence - Red

Tekun Nasional - White

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Tekun Nasional - Blue

Tenderfresh - Red

Tenderfresh - Purple

Tenderfresh - Gold Yellow

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Tenderfresh - Blue

Thunder Match Technology - Red

Thunder Match Technology - Blue

Delux - Grey

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Delux - Black

Econjaya - Yellow

Econjaya - Red

Econjaya - Green

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F&V- Red

F&V- Black

Gombo - White

Guocera - Red

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KRM - White

KRM - Blue

Little Gigi - White

Little Gigi - Blue

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